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For More Travel Information About the Amalfi Coast's Towns, Cities, Villages, Gardens and Islands, visit our Amalfi Coast Travel Section

The Amalfi Coast
by J. Andrews

The Amalfi Coast
by J. Andrews

Temple courtyard at Pompeii,
by Jesse Andrews

The Amalfi Coast
by J. Andrews

by J. Andrews

Villas in Positano

Island of Capri at Sunset,
by J. Andrews

View of the Amalfi Coast from Ravello
by J. Andrews

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Private Tours from your cruise ship in Naples or Sorrento of the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii

VisitsItaly offers a number of private tours for individuals, couples, groups of friends and families looking for a unique tour of Italy's most spectacular region, the Amalfi Coast and the surrounding areas.  We can customize tours to places like Pompeii, Capri, Ischia, the gardens of Ravello, Mt. Vesuvius, the Sorrento peninsula and much more. Our local expert guides like Giovanni and Luigi born and raised in this magnificent area will show you the highlights of the area and bring you to places that are impossible to get to with large groups and almost impossible to find on your own. 

The examples we've described below are just that 'examples' but any of our day trips from Naples or Sorrento throughout this area can be fully customized based on what you want to do.

Ask our Amalfi Coast and Pompeii experts to help you plan an unforgettable day tour from your cruise ship to this remarkable region.

Contact: IV Travel

When you contact us be sure to include:

1) The number of people who will be travelling

2) Where you want to be picked up from

2) The name of your ship

A Full Day Tour of the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii
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Port of Naples, Amalfi port or Sorrento port is where you will meet your driver and vehicle. During the journey to reach the excavations of Pompeii your driver will be just to happy to answer all your questions about the area.

In Pompeii you will meet a licensed guide who will take a marvellous tour lasting 2 hours, during which your guide will make Pompeii come alive again for you: walking on the Roman pavement, visiting the roman theatre, pretending to shop in the roman shops, visiting the roman temples and so on. After this, you will find your driver ready to take you  to the spectacular Amalfi coast. The journey will start with a drive through the Sorrentine coast line, the view will be fantastic during the all journey: Vesuvius, the Sorrentine Peninsula, the brilliant blue of the Mediterranean sea, the high rocky coastline.

Your driver will be glad to stop, to take a photo in one of the many panoramic points.

Then you will make your way to the Amalfi coast and words will not be enough to describe the beauty of it. You will visit the lovely town of Amalfi, where you will decide whether to visit the Duomo of Saint Andrew, or to have a nice Italian home made ice cream while having the best views of your life, or enjoy the shopping through the traditional shops of the town (ceramics, handmade sandals, handmade dresses).

This excursion puts together two of the highlights of the Golf of Naples and our team is able to offer it to you together with all the comfort and relax you need for making your day just perfect.

IV Travel

Pompeii, Herculaneum and Mount Vesuvius


Your private local licensed Pompeii guide will take you on a fascinating tour through this once thriving empire of nearly 20,000 inhabitants that was completely covered in 30 feet of volcanic ash. Take in the baths, villas, theatres and wrestling grounds.


Is an ancient residential town of Greek origins, a smaller town with a wealthier population at the time of the eruption. Covered by a torrent of mud rather than ash, the ruins are in some ways even better-preserved, and the site offers a variety of beautiful scenery and invaluable arts. Embark on a walking tour through the villas with portico gardens, fountains and baths, and admire the wall frescoes and floor mosaics. Excavations of Herculaneum began by accident in 1709 when some workers, digging a well, discovered a wall which was later found to be one of the stages of the ancient theatre. Later, there were many human skeletons uncovered at the ancient shoreline, suggesting that numerous inhabitants attempted to escape but perished when mountains collapsed and volcanic gases were released.


Vesuvius has erupted about three dozen times. View the crater of Vesuvius, 1281 meters above sea level, by walking for approximately 45 minutes up the steep mount, as the road for vehicles terminates half way up this climb.

IV Travel


Food & Wine Tour of the Amalfi Coast and Campania Region

Departure from Sorrento, port of Naples or hotel. Meeting with your local guide and driver.

Your first destination is Gragnano, a lovely little town of the Gulf of Naples, located right in the heart of the Monti Lattari between the Gulf of Amalfi and the Gulf of Sorrento.

The town is well known all over the world for the production of the Pasta , for the tasty salami and the fantastic Provolone del Monaco, typical product of our mounts. The great macaroni are made with simple and genuine ingredients (water from the springs of Gragnano, hard wheat bran, passion, amore and fantasy).

There were and are three different kind of production: at home, where women compete in making the fusilli as fast as possible; in family run factories, where the tradition of the pasta pass from father to son always keeping in mind the quality of the product; later came the small industries, that allow all the Italians to have pasta daily.

Visit of a pasta factory of the area, where the secrets of ancient tradition are kept jealously. Here they use machines, respecting the time of the traditional way of making the pasta, in order to save all the nutritive and organoleptic characteristics of it. Thanks to this tour, you will have the great chance to see all the process to make this product: first phase of soft drying process; press to pug and draw the pasta both long and short cuts; drying on loom.

Lunch in a restaurant where the pasta is the queen on the tables, on the walls and in the air: you will see many different cuts of pasta from the best factories of Gragnano; on the walls there are ancient pictures about the history of the pasta here in town; and the menu is something peculiar.

You will then reach a great farm winery. It has got 25 fantastic hectare of vineyards located at the slopes of the Vesuvius. The volcanic soil is excellent for the grow of the vineyards as it is not hospitable to many of the dangerous  parasite of the grapes. Here you have the chance to take a tour across the vineyards and they will explain you all the process of the production of the wine. Finally you will enjoy the taste of three different Lacrima Christy (white, red and rosť) .

This tour is an authentic taste of our land and the best way to welcome a new amore into your heart.

IV Travel

Transportation in Italy

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