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Customize your trip to Italy - for individuals, couples, families and groups

Tailor-made journeys to Italy
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You can rely on the travel experts at to help you create a memory-making journey to Italy, one of the world's most beautiful and fascinating countries.

No fee customization
Whether you are going on your own, as a couple or as a group, we can help you plan every detail of your trip: flights, driver services, vehicle rentals, buses, trains, hotels, villa or apartment rentals, museum, gallery and theater tickets, banquets, name it.  And best of all - there's no fee for our private consulting services.

It doesn't matter if you are going for a week, two weeks, a month or even longer...we will assign a consultant who will work with you until you depart.

Anywhere in Italy
Naturally, we have expert knowledge about Rome, Florence, Venice and all the other best known tourist destinations in Italy. But, we also know those parts of Italy that are not on the well-trodden tourist tracks.  We can introduce you to unique, interesting, stunningly beautiful and incredibly interesting places in every part of the country - the north, central Italy, southern Italy, Sicily and Sardegna.

We can also help you with overnight stays on your way into or out of Italy - in the UK, Holland, Germany or anywhere else you have to touch down during your trip.

Your personal online itinerary
As we work with you to develop your itinerary, we will create a private page on our website that details every step of your trip and that incorporates links to the places you'll visit and the hotels or other places you'll stay and the tours or other events you'll be participating in on a daily basis.  Once your itinerary is finished, you can print it and take it with you, and you can share the URL with family members and friends so they can follow your trip.
Prepaid and vouchered
Once you have finished your itinerary, we'll make sure that everyone who is providing you with services in Italy and on your way to and from Italy.  We'll send you all the vouchers you'll need when you register and make sure things go smoothly from beginning to end.

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