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The Chianti, Tuscany
Magical landscapes, Superb food and Fabulous Wines

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It is hard to say just what The Chianti is because the geographical area which comprises it is not defined by an agreed border.  It encompasses the area between Florence and Siena, but not either of those cities, and it extends east and west of the A1 auto-strada, but how far in each direction is hard to say.  What is more certain is that it is the area of Tuscany in which the world-famous Chianti wines, meticulously prepared according to established "recipes" and to meet certain well-defined standards, are produced.

Dramatically hilly, superbly landscaped by centuries of toil, covered  with well-tended vineyards, olive groves, fields and forests and dotted with dozens of picturesque castles, monasteries,  towns and villages whose bell towers and church spires penetrate it's almost always sunny sky, The Chianti is also extraordinarily, sometimes jaw-droppingly, beautiful.

If the splendid landscapes of The Chianti were not enough to attract travelers and tourists, then its cuisine and wines - and the hospitality extended to all who come here - most certainly do.  Indeed, because of its proximity to two of Italy's most renowned cities, its natural beauty and the many splendid amenities it boasts, The Chianti is one of the busiest tourist areas in Italy.  Travel to Italy almost always involves staying in Chianti, or at the very least, passing through.


The Chianti Travelers' Center
~ Castellina in Chianti ~

A unique new travellers' center offering the full Chianti experience.

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Villa Casalecchi
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  • The towns and villages of The Chianti

    The principal "market town" of The Chianti is generally agreed to be Greve, but there are many others that are equally - or even more - delightful.  Radda is a tidy little town with some spectacular views over the surrounding countryside; Panzano combines the new with a beautiful ancient historical center; Castellina in Chianti is extraordinarily charming.  Further east in the area one finds Giaole and to the south Castelnuova Baradenga. Each of these towns and the many other towns and villages of The Chianti have lovely little restaurants, trattoria, bars and cafes as well as shops where you can buy local foods and hand-crafted goods.

    Have craft a personal itinerary that will show you the best of the Chianti: More info

  • Places to stay in The Chianti

    There are literally hundreds of places to stay in The Chianti, including hotels, inns and resorts ranging from 5 star to 1 star, agriturismos (farms stays), and B&Bs.  Visitors can also rent villas - from luxury to basic - or self-catering suites within the towns and villages or on the wine-estates within the area. has developed a network of places to stay in The Chianti that we recommend to travelers on any budet.  We can get great rooms and often some fabulous deals.

    Accommodations in The Chianti
    Barbarino Val d'Elsa
    Castellina in Chianti
    Greve in Chianti
    Panzano in Chianti
    San Gimignano
    Other Chianti towns
    Castelnuova Brardenga, Colle val d'Elsa, Giaole in Chianti, Incisa Val d'Arno, Lecchi, Montelupo Fiorentino, Radda in Chianti, Pian di Sco, Regello, San Casciano Val di Pesa, San Pancrazio, San Sano, Tavernelle Val di Pesa etc
  • Chianti Wines

    Chianti wines have a long and illustrious history and so The Chianti area, once you are in it, is a seemingly vast area that shows the hands of centuries of careful farming.  One sees, on all sides that the rolling hillside is blanketed mostly by vineyards, though the expanses of vineyards are broken by olive groves, forest stands, fields of wheat and pastures where cows and horses graze.

    Most "fattorie" and "podere" - large and small farms that grow grapes and produce wines, welcome visitors with open arms.  Stop almost anywhere and you can taste a plethora of Chianti wines, and in many cases, olive oils, cheeses and sometimes baked goods from the farm kitchen.

    To get the most out of your trip into The Chianti, it is a good idea to read about Chianti wines and how they are made.

    Read about Chianti Wines


  • Things to do in The Chianti

    There are many things to do in The Chianti - it is a wonderful place to kick back and relax.

    The Chianti Travelers' Center is an exclusive, affordable and unique center of activity located in the heart of The Chianti at the beautiful small town of Castellina.  You can stay at the lovely Hotel Villa Casalecchi and join Walking Tours, Biking Tours and Connoisseur Wine Tours or participate in one of our cooking lessons.

    We also offer Cooking Lessons and Culinary Tours that you can reach from any other area of The Chianti.

    We offer "classic" Wine Tours conducted by professional guiedes who know the Chianti like the back of their hands, but we also offer Connoisseur Wine Tours conducted by a a very wise, and jovial somelier who knows the best estates and the secrets of growing, producing and bottling Chianti wine. You can enjoy these tours from The Chianti Travelers's Center, or we can arrange to pick you up where ever you are staying in Tuscany.

    Other diversions, entertainments and recreational activities we can arrange for you when you journey into The Chianti include:

    ~ Excursions to Florence
    ~ Excursions to Siena
    ~ Walking and Hiking
    ~ Bike Tours
    ~ Golf
    ~ Swimming
    ~ Horseback Riding
    ~ Ballooning