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The Chianti
Magical landscapes, superb food and fabulous wines

The Chianti index

The Chianti Travelers' Center
~ Castellina in Chianti ~

A unique new travellers' center offering the full Chianti experience.

  • Accommodation

  • Walking Tours

  • Bike Tours

  • Wine Tours

  • Cooking classes

  • and much more

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Chianti  Center

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Activities at the Center
  • Just relax! - stay at Villa Casalecchi while exploring the Chianti on your own.
  • Cooking Lessons - learn to cook Tuscan-style under the good-natured guidance of local cooks
  • Wine Tours - visit the vineyards and cantinas that produce the world famous Chianti vintages
  • Biking Tours - ride the back roads through fantastic landscapes and visit amazing villages and towns
  • Walking Tours - immerse yourself in the quiet of the Chianti countryside

Chianti Restaurants, Trattoria, Clubs etc

Needless to say there are hundreds of restaurants, trattoria, cafes, bars and clubs in The Chianti.  And, needless to say, we haven't visited all of them - at least, not yet!

Anyone who travels to Italy - and particularly to Tuscany - will eventually discover the "perfect place" - a cosy bistro, a romantic cafe, or even a gastronomic treasure of a restaurant where the quality of the food and the delights of a unique ambiance will remain in memory forever.

The act of discovery itself is the real pleasure...and in The Chianti an almost inexhaustible one.  Some of our discoveries follow below...more will be added as time permits.


Favourite Places in the Chianti