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A romantic escape to the Eternal City

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3 nights/4 days
Hotel with Breakfast
Venice at night walking tour
Gondola ride
Secrets of the Doge's Palace
Bacari and Cicchetti Tour in Venice

3* package - 530 Euro/person
(in double or twin)

4* package - 625 Euro/person
(in double or twin)

To Book: Contact us by phone or by email

During the 5th and 6th centuries AD, to escape the butchery of the barbarians pouring in from the north, the people of Padua, Chioggia, Treviso and other towns in what is now the Veneto took refuge in the wide lagoon at the top of the Adriatic sea - on shoals, sand bars and small islands.  Over time, the ancestors of these earliest settlers created one of the most magnificent, compelling and beautiful cities in the world - Venice.  Our tour gives you the opportunity to experience the "city of water" during a few, very special days.


The Grand Canal of Venice
by Jesse Andrews

Day 1 - Just check into your hotel, relax, refresh yourselves and then leave the hotel. Go in any direction and lose yourself in the cities narrow streets and alleys - called "calle".

You will quickly learn that Venice is like no place you have every experienced before...a totally thrilling and unique city, with bustling markets and piazzas, but also with astoundingly empty and quiet quarters as well.

You will come to dead ends, get turned around, find yourself marvelling at the surprises that lay round every corner.

Walk until you get hungry and then find a cafe or trattoria where you can enjoy a Venetian lunch or dinner.  Surrender to Venice and its many spells.

Day 2 - After breakfast you will go to San Marco's Square to meet your guide for a walking tour of Venice.

Today you will get to know the essential Venice - its main piazzas and churches, its central streets and public buildings...learning a little Venetian history as you go.

By the end of the tour, what looks on a map to be a small island in the midst of a small sea, the Adriatic, will reveal itself to be astonishing in many ways - its blend of renaissance, gothic and byzantine architecture, the way people and goods and services move around a city where no vehicles are allowed, how the Venetians governed themselves and how, during the 15th century, from this small place, they built one of the world's richest and most powerful empires.  Venice will fascinate you!

Once again, your evening is free so your own your own - but we recommend you dine at one of Venice's restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine - created with vegetables and other goods from the Veneto and fish from the seas.

Giudecca acrross from Venice Island
by Jesse Andrews


Gondolas of Venice
by Jesse Andrews

Day 3 - It's Gondola day!  Even though it is a thing that has been done by millions of tourists for hundreds of's just one of those things you have to do when you come to Venice.  So, after breakfast you will walk to a nearby canal and board a gondola for a 3 hour sojourn on the waterways of Venice.

You will see, as you go, the palazzi, offices, government buildings, churches, theaters and other buildings that face the canals, have door ways and landings at water level  where Venetians in times past and even today come and go as readily as we come and go with the automobile.

It is a romantic way to spend a few hours and will reveal much about this magical city.

Once you land again, you are on your own for the afternoon.  So find a restaurant - perhaps in the arcades surrounding Campo San Marco - and relax til evening when you will participate in another uniquely Venetian activity - the "Giro di Bacari". Giro means to go round - and on this little jaunt you will go round to a few bars for a taste of prosecco and other wines and plenty of Venetian of finger food - the Cicchetti.

You may not have enough room left for dinner but if you do there are many places to satisfy the palette.

You will enjoy the evening on your own.

Day 4 - Nothing is planned today.  After breakfast and check out you will want to be on your way.

North is the Dolomites, the Brenner pass then Austria. East takes you to Trieste and the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

The train south will take you to Florence than on to Rome. Going west you encounter Vicenza, Verona, Lake Garda, Bergamo and Milan.

In every direction, fabulous things to do and incredible places to see.  Just ask our Italy travel experts for advice and assistance - and we'll help you put together a great travel plan.

Venice market
by Jesse Andrews




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