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Castello in Santa Cesarea Terme

Waterside view Santa Cesarea Terme

Safe harbour in Santa Cesarea Terme


Welcome to Santa Cesarea Terme
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

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Virtually unknown to English-speaking tourists, Santa Cesarea Terme, remains a secret to travelers to Italy and indeed, to most Italians.  In fact, "google" this town or look it up in any guide book and you will be hard pressed to find any information.

Santa Cesarea Terme is an anomaly even by Italian standards.  The unique Islamic styled architecture, the intricate stone work and its remote positioning on the rocky Ionian coast set this town apart from all others in Italy.

Santa Cesarea Terme only became an independent town in 1911, after the inhabitants in the nearby villages discovered springs in the area, whose water when put upon the skin was believed to have therapeutic effects.  The aesthetic and homeopathic effects of the water, drew considerable interest from the nearby royalty in Lecce and Ostuni and a lot of money began to be spent on making Santa Cesarea Terme a tourist resort. 

Ornate styled churches built in the Moorish tradition and Norman styled castles were built throughout the town and soon hotels beckoned visitors.  Today, there are more hotels than stores in the town and more churches than there seem to be people.  In fact, it seemed like this town, when we arrived, was one of the most beautiful ghost towns we'd ever been to. 

The silence of the streets was only interrupted by the lapping of the turquoise blue sea on the white, granite stones.  Carved into the cliffs, were ornate bathing houses and intricate flights of stairs that allowed swimmers easy access into the translucent waters. 

Truly a marvel and a sight to behold.  Santa Cesarea Terme, offers visitors unsurpassed architectural and natural beauty in one of Italy's most serene locations. 

There are any number of hotels to chose from in Santa Cesarea and there are beauty treatments particular to the area, that men and women a like will enjoy.  After a long bike ride or drive along Puglia's spectacular cost, this town will seem nothing short of heaven.

Puglia Region



Lecce - 49 km;  Brindisi - 89 km; Taranto - 159 Bari - 203 km; Foggia - 335 km; km;Pescara - 512 km.

By Car: Autostrada A 14 exit Bari Nord superstrada Bari-Brindisi-Lecce-Maglie- Santa Cesarea.

By train: Stazione F.S. until Lecce (km 60). Station South-East until Presicce (10 km from San Cesara Terme).

By air:  Brindisi Airport, (100 KM away)is the closest airport 


Coat of Arms
Santa Cesarea Terme

Dome at Santa Cesarea Terme