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Duomo in Lecce - rose window

Piazzina in Lecce

The ancient walls of Lecce

Welcome to Lecce
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population:  83,237 (2001)
Official site: Lecce
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Lecce (pronounced "lech-eh"), is often referred to as the "Florence of the South."  Take note however, that Lecce has a style and grace all her own and really, what really should be said is that there is no Lecce of the north. 

The city is simply put, a marvel unto itself and is rich in splendid Baroque architecture, with a style particular to the city, known as Baroque  Leccesse.  Lecce is Puglia's most vibrant and youthful city with unparalleled brio and style.

Among the dozens of churches and palazzi that date from the early 16th century onward, constructed of the local honey-colored stone, soft enough to have encouraged riotous carvings, there's also a well-preserved Roman amphitheater near the main square, Piazza Oronzo.

Bars, cafes and discos line the streets and students from one of Puglia's most acclaimed universities patron them from early evening.  The spring and summer are warm and beckon swarms of people to take part in the evening "Passeggiata" or walk, where exotic fashion takes centre stage and beautiful people peruse the "vicoli" - pedestrian only streets.

In Lecce, shopping is the most common past time and Lecce has fabulous markets.  Some of the best deals in terms of Italian shopping can be found here, but keep in mind that the stores are closed from 1PM onwards and do not open again until 5PM.

The best way to experience the complex history and intricate architectural make up of Lecce is with a guide, because you simply will not understand the importance of what you are looking at - be it a church door or the works of local artisans - without the help of a guide.

Puglia Region


Brindisi - 37.5 km;  Taranto - 107 km;  Bari - 150 km; Foggia - 283 km; Pescara - 460 km.


Loggia of a villa in Lecce