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Leuca from afar

A beach near Leuca

Landscape near Leuca in Puglia

Welcome to Capo Santa Maria di Leuca
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population:  3,323 (2001)
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Capo Santa Maria di Leuca is the southeastern most point on the Pugliese peninsula, where the Ionian and Adriatic seas meet.  The town's name derives the Greek word "leucos", meaning 'white', an easy inference considering the limestone walls surrounding the town are all of this colour.  Not surprisingly, the town has maintained its Greek origins, both architecturally and linguistically.  Much of the dialect, spoken by the inhabitants in this town is still largely rooted in the Greek language.

At the height of the Santa Maria di Leuca, is a monumental church, the Santa Maria de Finibus Terrae ("St Mary of the Ends of the Earth"), which watches over the imposing lighthouse in the distance.  The altar in this church is constructed of stone from the temple of Minerva built by the Greeks centuries before.  An image of the Virgin which is revered as miraculous.

From this vantage point, there there are magnificent views, extending in clear weather as far as Albania.

West of the cape is the little seaside resort of Leuca and to the southwest Punta Ristole. There are attractive boat trips along the magnificent rocky coast with its numerous caves: Grotta del Diavolo, Grotta della Stalla, Grotta Treporte, Grotta del Bambino, Grotta Cassafro and Grotta Grande di Ciolo.  Many of these grottos were inhabited in prehisotric times and present interesting structural and atmospheric effects which draw visitors year-round. 

Puglia Region



Lecce - 82 km;
Brindisi - 119 km; Foggia - 189 km;
Bari - 233 km;
Taranto - 365 km;  Pescara - 542 km.


Angel statue in Leuca

Monument in Leuca