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Chiesa delle Timpe, Scigliano

Local products of Scigliano

Rooftops of Scigliano

Roman bridge on Via Popilia, near Scigliano


Welcome to Scigliano
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population:  1,583 (2003)
Official website:

Scigliano is located in the province of Cosenza, about 600 m. from sea level, on a hill that gives way to a valley (of the River Savuto), which starts at the upland plain in the Sila National Park, and faces the Tyrrhenian sea. The actual number of inhabitants of the total of 9 hamlets (borghi) of the village is around 1700 and the area is 17 km.

The built-up area with its medieval parts has a remarkable urban-architectural quality and is a very good example of urbanized countryside where religious architecture (churches and monasteries), civil architecture (palazzi and houses) and the countryside designed by vegetable gardens, terraces, vineyards and ‘turre’(farmhouses) go together in perfect harmony.

In the valley below Scigliano, following the course of the River Savuto, the ancient Romans built an important highway, the Via Popilia, connecting Naples with Reggio Calabria.  The remains of an ancient Roman bridge built in the early 2nd century (circa 130 BC) the locals call Ponte Sant'Angelo and sometimes Ponte Annibale - after the great Carthaginian general, Hannibal, whose army may have crossed it after his successful war against the Romans further north - is worth the hike. 

The "frazione" of Scigliano include:
Agrifoglio, Calvisi, Celsita, Cupani, Diano, Lupia, Petrisi, Porticelle, and Traversa.

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The Lamezia Terme Airport is about 40 minutes from Scigliano.  By train: It takes about an hour from Cosenza to Scigliano. It is a very nice journey through green valleys.

By car: Motorway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria, exit Altilia-Grimaldi. You have to go on to  Pedivigliano (there is a petrol station Esso on the right side) and to Scigliano, that is 10 minutes from the motorway exit ‘Altilia’.


B&B Calabria in Scigliano


Monumental tree in Scigliano




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