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  Palatine Hill



The Palatine faces the Forum and preserves memories of a great past. It was the center of Rome during the Roman Kings period and the Empire. Augustus was the first emperor that made his Imperial residence on the Palatine and after him, Tiberius. Caligula, the Flavii and Septimius Severus built palaces here. The hill according to legend is the place where Romulus traced the outline of the city.

The Clivius Palatinus leads up to it, and along the stairs visitors can admire the spending Villa Farnese and the still existing arches of the Domus Tiberiana. Among other venerable memories of the area, there are ruins of the Temple of Magnus Mater dated hundred years BC. The nearby House of Livia is a typical example of a patrician house in the late Republican period.  Together with the House of Augustus and the Apollo Temple it forms the Augustan complex, the first imperial complex built on this hill. To the right side there is the Flavii Palace, that included a basilica, a aula regia, a lararium, a triclinium and two nymphea one of which is in very good conditions. Attached to the palace there is the Domus Augustana where the Imperial court lived.

The Circus of Domitian is surrounded by fragments of statues, porticoes, fountains. Nearby the ruins of the Palace are still visible the Baths of Septimius Severus.

From above these colossal ruins the Belvedere offers a magnificent view of ancient Rome. 


  • From September 1st to September 30th: 9-19:00

  • From October 1st to the Saturday preceding the last Sunday in October: 9:18:30
  • From last Sunday in October until February 15th: 9-16:30
  • From February 16th until March 15th: 9-17:00
  • From March 16th to the Saturday preceding the last Sunday in March: 9-17:30
  • From last Sunday in March to August 31st: 9-19:30

The entrance to the Palatine includes also the entrance to the Colosseo. The ticket office closes one hour prior to the closing time of the museum.

To receive additional information on the Palatine or to book tickets please contact our concierge: Valentina