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Street in Catania, Sicily
by Jesse Andrews

Port of Catania
by Jesse Andrews

Ursino Castle, Catania, Sicily

Welcome to Catania
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 306,464 (2003)
Official site:

Catania (Katane) was founded in the 8th B.C. by Greek colonists. It was hard hit by earthquake in 1169, by volcanic eruptions in 1329, 1381 and 1669. As one Fodor's travel writer claims "The chief wonder of Catania, Sicily's second city, is that it is there at all."

Modern Catania stands as a testament to the trial the city has been through in terms of both natural and economic disaster, the later predominately the result of government neglect..

Catania is in need of considerable renovation, and though it offers visitors glimpses at superb architecture, enthralling fish markets and stunning views of Mt. Etna, most travelers agree that Catania has little more to offer than oranges and lemons.

Traffic flows in ever-increasing volume and adds to the smog from the industrial zone between Catania and Siracusa, many buildings are run down and the streets are wide and un-charming.  There is no beach front appropriate for swimming, as the entire area hosts numerous streamliners and industrial equipment.

Visits Italy understands that travelers, despite the city's defects, that many travelers will use Catania as a point of convergence for travel in Italy.  For this reason, we are working hard to bring you more information about staying in Catania.

Region of Sicily



By Train:
Trains run from mainland Italy along the Golfo di Catania on a daily basis. By Bus:
Hourly buses run to Catania across Sicily and from mainland Italy
By Boat
Boats Leave to Catania from Napoli and Salerno  on a daily basis


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Dome of the Duomo, Catania, Sicily