The Marches Region

from Bill Thayer's Gazetteer of Italy

San Severino, Duomo Vecchio, Cloister
WP Thayer

Refrectory in the Fiastra Abbey near Tolentino
WP Thayer

A Roman Tomb at Treia? 
WP Thayer
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Fiastra Abbey, The Marches

Furlogorge, The Marches

Fountain of the 3 spouts, Ancona, The Marches

Camerino, The Marches, aerial view

The Coast of Ancona

The walls of Jesi, The Marches


Duomo, Ancona, The Marches

View of the Marches from Camerino

Lake at San Ruffino,The Marches

Urbino, The Marches

Montottone, The Marches

Church interior, Pesaro, The Marches

Ripatransone, The Marches

Coat of Arms, The Marches

Urbino, The Marches, winter scene

Urbino, The Marches
from the Grotto Frasassi

Grotto at Frasassi

Grotto at Frasassi

Grotto at Frasassi