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Rome, Italy

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The Rome index
Population: 2,546,807 (2004) (4 million in entire metro area)
4154′ N 1229′ E
Lazio Roma
Official website:

Hotels, Apartments and B&Bs in Rome
First things first: find a great place to stay in Rome.  Whether you are looking for a modest B&B, an apartment or a 5 star hotel, has fantastic rates places to stay in Florence in great locations that offer great value. 

Hotels, Apartments, and B&Bs in Rome

Group Tours and Personalized tours in and from Rome
Take a look at our directory of things you can do and see in Rome - from low cost sightseeing tours to private tours that will take you below the surface of this complex and fascinating city.

Things to see and do in Rome

Trevi Fountain, Rome
by Jesse Andrews

City Seal, Rome

Restaurants, Cafes and Clubs in Rome
Rome is one of the world's most historical cities, but it is also a  contemporary Italian city with a great night life and fantastic restaurants. If you love good food and good times, Rome offers you the best of the best.

Restaurants, Trattoria, Clubs etc

The Spanish Steps, Rome

Rome the Eternal City
History, architecture and buona vita!

The editors at are more than a little flummoxed when it comes to dealing with Rome, one of the planet's grandest, largest and most interesting cities - the Eternal City as it has been called for hundreds of years.

Our real mandate is to show you the "undiscovered" parts of Italy, those places that most tourists never see, but, naturally, we want to be of helpful to all the people who visit our website.

As you can see, we've provided links to a few very good websites that have a ton of information about the city.  So, use the I.V. page as a starting place where you can quickly get connected to deep sources of information and knowledge about the city.

One thing we can do, however, is put you in the mood for thinking about your trip to Rome.  Here are a few basic questions:

What time of year are you thinking about visiting Rome? It's very hot and very crowded in July and August, so we recommend you visit in late spring or early autumn.
How long are you spending in Rome - a day, a week, a month?
Rome is a large, beautiful, glorious city with a history of well over 3000 years.  The shorter the stay, the more planning you should do so you can make your visit both pleasurable and memorable.
What's your budget?
Rome can break the bank if you are not careful, so do a budget and try hard to stick to it. The cost of accommodation varies, but even at the "low end" it is quite expensive in the high season, and not that much less expensive in the off-season.  There are many attractions in Rome that are free, but you will have to pay a fee to enter many of the museums and galleries.  When it comes to eating, it's a sliding scale from reasonable to very costly, depending on the restaurant.
Who are you traveling with? 
Are you coming with a tour group, a lover, a close friend, or on your own.  Tour groups typically cover a well-trod path around the so-called "high-points".  In a tour group you will see the Rome that everyone sees.  If you are coming on your own, or with a friend or lover, you can experience Rome quite differently.  You can get under its skin, penetrate its heart, have a unique, individual experience.
Where are you staying?
There are great hotels, good hotels, not so good, and downright deplorable hotels.  There are great and good hotels in the noisiest parts of the city, and some in quieter areas.  There are hostels, homes to rent and bed & breakfast establishments.  Here again, pre-planning is the key to selecting your accommodation.
Are you properly equipped?
At a minimum you will need a good city map.  We recommend you also get a good guidebook which you can consult as you move around the city.  Cars are not allowed in the inner city, so you will be doing Rome on foot and public transit, with perhaps a taxi thrown in on occasion.  So, make sure you have comfortable shoes and clothes.  It can get very hot especially in the summer months, so don't overdress.  If you plan on eating at good restaurants, bring appropriate attire.

So, that's it.  Rome is a challenge, and it will take a little research -  enjoyable in itself - to get the most out of your visit.

The trick is to arrive in Rome with a modest degree of knowledge - and a  great attitude.  Do that, and you will have one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of your life.  It's virtually guaranteed!