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Harbor of San Remo

The sea wall at San Remo

A store in San Remo

Welcome to San Remo
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 50,524 (2001)
Official site:
San Remo
San Remo

In the western end of Liguria lies colourful San Remo. An engaging seaside resort, it boasts an elegant past and is home to an attractive old town, colourful gardens whilst also offering visitors an impressive array of leisure activities.

San Remo is enviably situated in a wide bay with the surrounding hillside as its backdrop.  The old town tumbles down the hill to be greeted by the harbour and the inviting waters of the Ligurian Sea. Decorated by wonderful flowers and vegetation, San Remo is a bright and bubbly town that has long welcomed visitors to its shores.

Like many other towns along this stretch of coastline San Remo was originally built with one eye on protecting it from pirates. Traces of this past are still in evidence in San Remo’s medieval old town, La Pigna, which nestles on the hillside. Here you can wander amongst the steep winding streets, alleyways and secluded piazzas. La Pigna translates literally as ‘pine cone’ something that will make sense as you curl your way around the old town before finally arriving at the top. If you make it to the very top your weary steps will be greeted not only by the church of the Madonna della Costa but also with an impressive view of both the town and the bay.

San Remo sprang to fame in the 19th century as a seaside resort for the rich and famous. Indeed many of Europe’s most influential have holidayed here and the town even became home to Alfred Noble (yes he of the Nobel Prize). Indeed Villa Noble, his former home, and other luxury villas are still in evidence and it can be interesting to stroll past them and admire their architecture and lush gardens.

San Remo is also famous for its flowers, and indeed this stretch of coastline between Ventimiglia and Cervo is often known as the Riviera dei Fiori or Riviera of Flowers, and it is easy to see why. Palm trees and cacti proliferate and the town’s many parks and gardens are filled with exotic looking flowers which fill San Remo with bright colours and delicious scents. The flower market is one of Europe’s largest and is worth catching.

There is much to do in San Remo and its temperate climate should convince even the laziest visitor to get out and enjoy their surroundings.  Fishing, snorkelling, boating and even whale watching trips are all available. Golf and horse riding are other popular activities for those who are happier on dry land. A more sedentary activity is to simply wander down the promenade and visit the harbour.

 Of course if it is retail therapy you are after then you are well served in San Remo. There is no shortage of shops to browse through and the Piazza Eroi Sanremesi hosts a lively market on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Should the unthinkable happen and it starts to rain then you can always head to another of San Remo’s famous attractions, its casino. Built in 1905 this large white building stands out proudly, enticing those who wish to try their luck. It is one of San Remo’s most popular attractions and ensures that some visitors depart Italy a lot wealthier than they arrive.

San Remo is a colourful and lively resort and has plenty of attractions to keep even the most restless visitor entertained. It can make an excellent base for a holiday and its bright colours and lively airs ensure it remains one of the most interesting towns on this stretch of coast.

Article by Gill Clark, Dec 13/05

Liguria Region
Cinque Terre

43°49′N 7°47′E


By car. Follow the A1 or the S1 coast road from Genoa to San Remo about 145 km. By train: San Remo is on the Genoa – Ventimiglia train line.  By Air: Genoa airport.



Palm trees near the beach at San Remo


Much of the US movie, The Talented Mr. Ripley, starring Jude Law, Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltro was made in San Remo bay.