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Hotels and other accommodations for the Cinque Terre
Corniglia, Manarola
Monterosso Al Mare
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View of Monterosso, Cinque Terre
by Jesse Andrews

Castle ruins, Monterosso, Cinque Terre
by Jesse Andrews

Statue of San Francesco, Monterosso, Cinque Terre
by Jesse Andrews

Welcome to Monterosso Al Mare
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population:  1,563 (2004)
Official site:
Monterosso Al Mare
Monterosso Al Mare

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Monterosso al Mare or "Red Mountain by the sea" (as the town's name would literally be translated in English), is the largest of the Cinque Terre's towns, most developed and (some say) "least pretty" as it is more developed in terms of hotels, restaurants and infrastructure in comparison to the others. 

It where many people visiting the Cinque Terre national park area base their stay, for Monterosso offers more hotels than all of the 5 villages combined.

The numerous hotels in the area and the Cinque Terre's increasing popularity among North American travellers, may be a good reason to stay away during the summer months when people from all over the world flood the area. If your idea of a good time does not include chaotic lines, outrageously high prices and general annoyances that go along with too many tourists - coming in the off season may be a better option.  The area is beautiful all year long. 

The narrow alleys and colourful houses of the historic centre are clustered on a hilltop above the port and its seaside promenade.  Stone stairways link the two areas of the town, affoding lovely views of the moutains that tumble onto a wide, sandy beach below, which is mobbed in summer.

In Monterosso's historical centre, the 12 century church (Piazza Garibaldi) is striped black in white in the Ligurian Gothic fashion and has an elegant and interesting interior worth stopping in.

Shopping in Monterosso is relatively un-interesting apart from the marekt on Thursday morning, where viitors can pick up local anchovies, lemons and home-made pesto sauce.

Liguria - Cinque Terre

4409′N 0939′E


By train or car: from Levanto or Spezia.
Air: fly to Genoa, Pisa or Rome.
Ferry: Coastal ferry from Levanto, Portovenere or Spezia.


Hotel Souvenire in Monterosso al Mareis one of the Cinque Terre's least expensive hotels and for those on a budet is a great option. Rooms per person, go for as little as 25 Euros a night and the central location this hotel offers, makes it one of the best deals one can find in the entire national park.  E-mail them to reserve.

Accommodations in Monterosso al Mare



The Hercules of Monterossa, Cinque Terre
by Jesse Andrews

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