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Corniglia, Manarola
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Corniglia from the ferry
Cinque Terre

Alley in Corniglia
Cinque Terre

Train through Corniglia
Cinque Terre

Welcome to Corniglia
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Population:  300
Official site:
see Vernazza

In Roman times, the land on which the town sits belonged to the Cornelia family, hence its present day name.

The village, which is the "middle" of The Cinque Terre villages, sits on a high promonitory that rises 100 meters above the sea and is surrounded on three sides by serried terraces where local farmers grow olives and grapes.  The fourth side descends down sheer cliffs to the sea.

It is possible to reach Corniglia by car, but not recommended.  Better to take the train from Levanto to the north or Spezia to the south, or one of the coastal ferries from either of those two towns.  In any case, once you arrive at the foot of the town you will face the Lardarina, a series of 377 stairs arranged on 33 flights of stairs.  If by chance you do bring a car, there is a narrow, precarious road, Via Fieschi, to the top.

Most of the houses, stone with pastel colored plaster exteriors, have one side facing the road, the other the sea.  There is a ruin of an ancient Genoese fort, dating to 1556 or so, sitting on a cliff that rises perpendicularly above the water.  There is also a rumour of an old Roman fort, but no one has yet found its remains.

Not to be missed, the Chiesa San Pietro with its Gothic facade.  Inside is a 12th Century Baptismal.  Along the climb to the top, look for Chiesa San Bernardino and the Church of Our Lady of Graces and the Madonna di Reggio with some quite good paintings.

Once you reach the center of town look for the street - more an alley - that leads down to the main piazza.  Unlike the other towns in The Cinque Terre, the narrow streets and alleys, and the orientation of the town itself, can provide shade - and cool relief from the hot Mediterranean sun.  The piazza is a great place to relax, and enjoy a cup of espresso, or perhaps a full Ligurian lunch!

Liguria - Cinque Terre



By train or car: from Levanto or Spezia.
Air: fly to Genoa, Pisa or Rome.
Ferry: Coastal ferry from Levanto, Portovenere or Spezia.


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Church in Corniglia
Cinque Terre


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