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Passeggiata A Mare,

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Welcome to Bogliasco
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 4,618 (2004)
Official site:

For those willing to ditch the well-worn tourist route and head off into the unknown, Bogliasco makes a rewarding stop.

Not much is known about the town because its records were plundered during the Napoleonic conquest.  However, it is certain that Bogliasco, an ancient fishing village that was well known to the Romans.  The Roman road connecting Pisa to Vado passed through the town, over a bridge, the ruins of which still stand, spanning a small stream flowing into the bay.

Perched on the coast, a few miles south of Genoa, it boasts the relaxing air of a coastal village, whilst also having all the attractions of the nearby city of Genoa on its doorstep.

The warm green waters of the Ligurian Sea lap gently against Bogliasco’s black, sandy beach. Like the village itself the beach is tiny and is popular with visitors and locals alike.  In the summer months, you may have to set your alarm clock to claim a place in the sun.

For those who prefer a lie-in, why not wake late then stroll around the peaceful streets and let Bogliasco work its charms on you. A sprinkling of shops may seem meagre initially but you will quickly find everything you need, if not everything you want. The quiet streets abound with friendly faces and they provide the chance to unwind and allow the very laid-back lifestyle of the locals to wash over you.

The focal point of Bogliasco is its spacious piazza which overlooks the sea and is graced by a church. It's a great spot for people watching. Early evening sees the piazza fill with people meeting up and chatting and is the closest Bogliasco ever comes to being busy.

Above the water, winding its way parallel to the shore, is a wonderful walkway known here as the Passeggiata a Mare, along which you will see buildings built precariously on the cliffs, and tunnels beneath yet other buildings higher up.

Still higher, visible from the beach, there is a 16th century castle, built as a defensive work against the much feared Saracens.  The castle, alas, is now a private house, so there is no public access.

Sitting on the unfrantic beach, or in the calm piazza, watching the world go by, with the sun setting to the west, you will soon come to realise that ‘rush hour’ has no counterpart in this part of the world.  You have left it behind.

If you crave a little excitement then it can easily be found in Genoa, just a short distance to the northwest.  Drive, or alternatively, jump on the train which will whisk you into the city in next to no time.

Of course if the city is not your thing and you fancy taking in the outdoor splendour of The Cinque Terre, then this is easily solved too.  Simply cross platforms and head south. But, be forewarned: the train to Cinque Terre is not a regular of frequent service, so  however check out train times in the station.

Article by Gill Clark, Dec 3/05

Liguria Region
Cinque Terre

44°23′N 9°4′E


By Car: 24 km west to Genoa.
By Air:
Genoa airport (30 min); Pisa Airport (90 km)By train:  From Genoa, La Spezia.



Surfer,  Bogliasco

Bogliasco is home to the Bogliasco Study Center which offers lenghty fellowships to artists and scholars in the field of the Arts & Humanities.


In 1905-1906, the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin lived in Bogliasco with his companion Tatyana Schloezer in 1905-1906 while he composed a significant part of "Le poème de l'extase".