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Trattoria Garga
Via Del Moro 48/r, 50123 Florence, Italy
Tel: +39 -055 239 8898

Opening hours
Everyday from 7PM until late

For information or to reserve:
Official website


Trattoria Garga is a Florentine legend.  With good reason.  Not only does Trattoria Garga serve outstanding Tuscan cuisine and wines; but eating here is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach and to this day is a meeting point for contemporary Florentine artists, philosophers and architects, all of whom immensely respect the owner Giuliano Garga as a crusader for free thought and cutting edge art, still a rarity in Tuscany in many respects. 

The atmosphere at Garga, is composed much like a painting, a work unto itself; a plethora of colours, sculpture, shapes, designs and alcoves that blend together to create an incredibly inspiring space which lends itself quite willingly to space that conspires to evoke emotion from its patrons. 

The vibrantly colored walls within the Trattoria have been individually painted by Giulliano Gargani and his wife Sharon Oddson, their friends Maestro Alfio Rapisardi, Janet Lansill and Mario Madiai (to name a few) as well as many other contemporary artists, some of whom are waiters, who together created an atmosphere of 'empathetic affinity'. 

On many nights in the Trattoria, opera arias blare in the background, while Garga (aka Giuliano), with arms flying, shouts orders, bangs sauce pans, chops meat and sings to his hearts content.  Eating here is an experience unlike any other. 

There is a method to the madness at the Trattoria Garga and fragrant, beautifully decorated dishes appear as if by magic at the tables of the patrons.  The dishes are as imperfectly Italian as they are perfect in their composition, utilizing ingredients that may not seem harmonious from the outset, but which certainly are. This is what makes them cutting edge.

Whereas so many Trattorias in Florence are still serving Ribolita and chicken liver Crostini, Giuliano and his wife, have taken to serving plates like arugula with hearts of palm, pine nuts, avocado and their famous, delicious spaghetti with tomatoes, shrimp, oranges and chilli pepper, dishes which are fresh and vibrant, not to mention delicious. 

What seems like anarchy at times in Garga's kitchen, in reality is a road to perfection. Only the best ingredients are allowed to enter this realm.

Emerald green olive oil, freshly picked herbs, produce, meat and fish arrive daily and become the inspiration for the kitchen.  These elements, like colors for a painting, are combined to create the distinctive dishes of this cuisine. 

From the pictures we have here, on VisitsItaly, do not do the Trattoria Garga justice and we hope to have more photos of the food coming soon.

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Reviewed by Jesse Andrews, Co-founder, VisitsItaly.com