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Enoteca Ponte Vecchio
Corso dei Tintori 21/r, Florence, Italy
Tel: +39 338 570 2000   -  Fax: +39 055 246 6848

Opening hours
Open from 10 AM to 7PM Daily

For information or to reserve:

The Enoteca Ponte Vecchio is located in the historical centre of Florence right behind the National Library and Santa Croce church.  The Enoteca or wine emporium, as the name suggests in English, is the best place in Florence to purchase and taste the best wines from all over Italy. 

The owner of the Enoteca, Tony Sasa, is a well known authority on the country's best vintages and offers very competitive prices for many brands of wine.  Tony can organize shipping and handling of cases, boxes or even individual bottles of wine, if you find a product you would like to ship home.  It pays to have an expert, fluent in English, like Tony, to assist you in this process. 

Bring your group to the
Enoteca Pontevecchio
for a private wine tasting

Contact: IV Travel

Wine and other gastronomical tastings are free. You can improve your knowledge about one of Italy's most well-known exports - (wine) and use the knowledge you gain for future purchases and at the dinner table. 

Since the  Enoteca is conveniently located to the Accademmia Gallery and the Santa Croce church, we recommend in order to maximize your time, combining the tours with a tasting and making a day of it.  Please contact us for more information on how to avoid the lines.    

We can set up an appointment for you to visit the Enoteca and inform Tony what brands or types of wine you are most interested in sampling and/or learning about.   Because there is no shortage of wine at the Enoteca, we can arrange visits for both groups and individuals, all that we require is the time and date you wish to visit.  All visits are FREE.  However, if you need to change the date or time you have scheduled, please let us know as soon possible.

In addition to the wines that you can sample at the Enoteca, Tony frequently serves cheese, various pates and other specialty foods from around Italy which also can be purchased.  One of the specialty products offered at the Enoteca is Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, which is available for sampling upon request.  Feel free to ask Tony what wines pair best with what cheeses and other offerings from the Enoteca Ponte Vecchio.

We have truly come to appreciate and admire Tony Sasa for not only being a wine connoisseur, but a true expert who is well connected to some of the most well respected Enologos (soil specialists who advise owners of vineyards with respect to soil content to allow them to produce better wines). 


Tony is not a pretentious aficionado or even a sommelier, but someone who knows about the soil and geography of the land where the grapes were grown, the filtration process, the type of wood and storage facilities and exactly what was going on with the weather the year the grapes were harvested. 

The Enoteca itself is fascinating, but ultimately, it is the people we meet along the way who make the journey memorable.  Tony Sasa, at the Enoteca Pontevecchio in Florence is definitely one of these people along our many journeys throughout Italy which has left an indelible mark and we are certain that for you, experiencing his passion for wine will leave a long-lasting impression on you too for years to come.

To make a reservation here, please contact us first via e-mail.

Reviewed by Jesse Andrews, Co-founder, VisitsItaly.com