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All photos by Darcy Aubin, Florence
All photos copyrighted
All rights reserved

Cantina Barbagianni
Via S. Egidio 13/r, Florence, Italy
Tel/Fax: 055 2480508

Opening hours
Lunch 12:30-14:30 | Dinner 19:00-23.30
Closed on Saturday and Sunday at lunch
Open all days for dinner
Before and After Theatre

For information or to reserve:
Official website

Reviewed by Darcy Aubin, Photographer,  VisitsItaly.com

Perfect for an intimate dinner by night or a casual lunch by day, the Cantina Barbagianni is conveniently located in the heart of Florence and has been a local Florentine favourite for years. The Cantina Barbagianni boasts a modern yet traditional atmosphere on its two levels.  The entrance room is traditional in décor and immediately creates a warm and inviting feel for curious onlookers. 

Make your way down the stairs and you will find something quite different.  Two ancient cellars provide the perfect ambience for any occasion; a large gathering or an intimate dinner for two.  The cellars’ modern but rustic atmosphere creates the perfect backdrop for its food and extensive wine selection.

The chef combines the freshest local ingredients with modern flair to create classic seasonal Tuscan favourites with a twist.  The menu features a wide range of fish, meat, pasta and other gastronomical delights that will tempt your taste buds.

My dinner started off with a very traditional sweet bubbly glass of prosecco and a complementary trio of chicken salad, ricotta pudding and mushrooms, a nice way to feel warm and welcomed.  

Now all warm inside, I looked to the menu and ordered the sampler meal number “Duo” as my main meal.

The first plate, again, an impressive trio, starred a seasonal salad, chicken liver pate and local mixed meat patty.  The presentation alone was enough to impress me but the flavour continued to impress.  The rocket, walnut blue cheese salad accompanied with homemade bread and brie was a nice way to break up the intense but pleasant flavours of the chicken liver and the mixed meat patty as I moved from sample to sample.  I could tell this was the only the start of a magnificent meal.

Some wines of Tuscany
at Catina Barbagianni

Super Tuscani
Vini Nobili
Chianti Classico

The second course: potato tortelli with lamb, cherry tomatoes and white thyme.  Don’t let the delicate presentation fool you, this is one dish that will satisfy your hunger with its smooth creamy filling and its perfectly balance texture.  This dish is smooth all the way.  The hand made pasta cooked to perfection wrapped the creamy potato filling which added all the substance of a pasta dish should.   This dish was a flawless prelude to the next dish, a “traditional” pasta; pici with meat balls and tomatoes. 

Pici, a thicker denser version of spaghetti (if you had to find the closet relative in the pasts family) and in my opinion, stands up well to the meat balls nestled within the maze of thick strands. Again, the homemade pasta was cooked to perfection and was the perfect accompaniment to the richness of the intense flavourful meatballs.  A rich hearty pasta for the pasta lover in you!

The last of the main courses, fricassa veal with seasonal vegetables and beans.  The slow cooked veal is “pull apart” good!  For a meat dish, this definitely has the delicate texture which leaves you wanting more, if you have any room left over that is.  I “struggled” through just fine though.  Florence is famous for its beef and this is one dish you cannot pass up! 

Now for desert!  The only way to enjoy fruit, in my opinion, is with rich, velvety, warm chocolate!  It’s time for some fondue!  What else can I say, except for that it comes with freshest pineapple, banana, strawberries and pears.

At Cantina Barbagianni, they recommended me to digest my meal with a sweet soulful alcoholic beverage called Khirani, of course I was obliged.  Complex and rich in flavour, I was fortunate enough to sip one or two on glasses of this flavourful delight, ask for it by name when you go.  

Capacity: 60 seated
Entertainment: background music
Air conditioning
Major credit cards accepted
Non smoking restaurant

For information or to reserve: Email