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The Caffe Pitti Truffle Shop, right next door to the Pitti Caffe in Florence Italy

Ristorante Caffe Pitti
 Piazza Pitti 9, 50125 Florence, Italy
Tel/Fax: 39 055 239 9863

Opening hours
Lunch 12:30-14:30 | Dinner 19:30-23:.30

For information or to reserve:

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Reviewed by Jesse Andrews and Dario Aubin Photographer,

Caffe Pitti, borrows its name from one of Florence's most important and imposing landmarks, the Pitti Palace, which is also the entrance to the fabulous Boboli Gardens. Directly across the street from this important and mesmerizing stage, the Caffe Pitti is located.  Indeed, the location of this establishment is by far one of the most beautiful and dramatic in all of Florence.   

Location aside however, the Pitti Caffe has been a long time Florentine favourite and draws locals from all walks of life, to the young looking for a 'hip' and swanky local in the evening, to those looking for a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere during the day.

Along the cobblestone sidewalk in the front of the restaurant visitors can enjoy a spacious and shaded terrace, and sample a wide variety of fabulous Tuscan wines.  Indeed, we think the Caffe Pitti terrace is one of the best terraces in Florence, for unlike many other restaurants, there is a distinctive sense of space here; and not just outside. 

The interior of Caffe Pitti, although composed of rich, intimate colours, has a sense of space and allows for room to breathe.  Unexpected windows within the local, on the second level, allow for soft light to delicately enhance the atmosphere and create a relaxing, sensual atmosphere that makes Caffe Pitti a place for both lovers and friends. 

During the winter months, when some might say Florence is at its best and there are less visitors to the city, locals come to enjoy the fabulous Italian wine list as well as each other.  Most nights of the week, the Caffe Pitti is hopping until midnight and on some nights during the week, various wine producers from around Tuscany are invited to come and allow patrons to sample their wares.  It's best to call first to find out if their is a wine tasting being held, because they are rarely scheduled. 

Indeed, Caffe Pitti is not a caffe, as the name would suggest or a simple wine bar, of which there are many in Florence.  This establishment is in fact a full-fledged restaurant and offers incredible Tuscan specialties, most notable of which are the Tartuffo dishes - or "truffle", which the owner Massimo pursues on his own land near San Miniato, a tradition that has been in the family for generations. 

Tartufo is not sought out by pigs, as is the tradition in France.  In Tuscany, dogs are trained from when they are puppies to seek out the scent.  Massimo is an expert about how you train dogs to seek out this oh-so-prized mushrooms, the best ones at that.

Carrying on with the family's tradition, Massimo has brought the best of what Tartufo can offer the Pallet to Caffe Pitti, and there are no shortage of Truffle dishes. From the Beef Carpaccio with truffle to the Entrecote steak or escalopes with fresh shaved truffle, it's incredible to see how many ways this renowned mushroom can be used.  The mixed house appetizer at the Caffe Pitti offers a wonderful sample of how truly dynamic this fungus can be. 

Even by Italian standards however the fabulous chefs at Caffe Pitti utilize the tartufo (Truffle) in unconventional ways, combining the freshest vegetables and meats to delicately balance the rich and complex tastes that truffle can create. 

Don't get us wrong however, if truffle just isn't your thing, the Caffe Pitti has other incredible first courses like "Risotto with artichokes and bacon", "Ravioli with Leeks and Safton cream" and my favourite the "Spaghettone with "Peposo" sauce." 

You need only look at our fabulous photos of some of the plates the chefs at the Caffe Pitti offer their customers to see the care and precision which goes into every plate that leaves the kitchen.

For truffle lovers and "foodies" alike, who appreciate fine cuisine at moderate prices, you will be thrilled to find that right next door to the Caffe Pitti, Massimo also has a small store where several high quality Tuscan products including the highly praised "tartufo" is sold.

You can find some great bargains here and bring a taste of Tuscany home with you, and if you see Massimo in the Caffe, he will most likely be able to tell you exactly where that specific type of truffle came from.  Who knows, it might even be a special variety that comes right from Massimo's family's farm.