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Bussetto Opera House at Night

Busseto Piazza

Busseto Opera House

Welcome to Busseto
From Jesse's Journeys in  Italy

Population: 6,843
Official site:

Busseto's main claim to fame is the 15th-centruy Villa Pallavicino, where master compose Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) worked and lkived with his mistress (and later wife), Giuseppina Strepponi.

The small Verdi museum here displays such relics as the maestro's piano, scores, composition books, and walking sticks.  If you plan to visit all the area's Verdi's sights, invest in an 8 Euro ticket valid for the VVilla Pallavicino, Palazzo Orlandi, Teatro Verdi, and Verdi's birthplace (but not Villa Sant'Agata). 

Villa Sant'Agata is four kilometers (2 1/5 mi) north of Busseto, also known as Villa Verdi, is the grand country home Verdi built for himself in 1849 , where some of his greatest works were composed.  For Verdi lovers, Sant Agata is a veritable shrine.  Tours are required, and you have to reserve your place a few days in advance, by phone or on the Web at:



By Car: If you are driving from Piacenza, take the S10 northeast toward Cremona, but turn off just a couple of miles out of Piacenza and follow the signs for S587 to the town of Cortemaggiore. Turn right onto a smaller rural road (not numbered) and follow the signs for Busseto, some 10 Km, (6mi) away.
By Air: Rimini's Airport Aeradria (RMI) or Bologna's aiport are the closest.
By Rail: Busseto Sation




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