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The town of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, by Dario Aubin
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A view from the Amalfi Coast

Welcome to Vietri sul Mare
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 5,589

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The first town and entrance to the Amalfi Coast is Vietri sul Mare with a population of 8600 inhabitants , it is known throughout the world for its ceramic industry.  The earliest piecs date back to the pre-Christian period, with the art becoming the centre of a thriving economy in the 15th century. It has long been a distinguishing characteristic of the walls of the houses, roofs, balconies, votive kiosks, signs as well as all different types of ornaments.  When walking through the streets with building dating back to the 1600s, the narrow alleys of the Ciroppolo as well as the small historic part of the town, it is easy to noitce jut how ceramics are everywhere.

The magnificent majolica dome of the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista (St. John the Baptist's Church) dating back to the 10th century is the culmination of all this, not only in a figurative sense.  The building has been restored several times and fuses Roman, Renaissance adn Baroque styles as well as houses paintings by various artists including Andrea Sabatino, Francesco Solimena and Lorenzo Fiammingo. 

The Vietrese ceramic industry is well known and exported throughout the world.  A visit to the workshops of the crafstmen is a "must" for anyone visiting the Amalfi Coast.

A walk in the Marina, dominated by two large rock masses in the sea known as I Due Fratelli (The two brothers) and the beginning of high cliffs, is clearly aimed at welcoming tourists with bars, ice-cream parlours, small restaurants and private lidos "beach clubs".  There were many more lidos in the past, but now there are only four" La Rosa dei Venti, Risorgimento, Costa d'Amalfi, California and Lido Clypso.  They run most of the large beach in Marina, with it being divided into three parts from the mouth of the river Bonea to a largre concrete platform that isolates the right part of the beach, that is run by the Lido Calypso. 

A co-operative of boatmen leave every hour from the small jetty, taking tourists to less crowded beaches, making it possible to escaepe the hustle bustle of the hustle and bustle of row upon row of beach umbrellas.

Whoever choses Marina for their holiday can also take advantage of the other parts of Vietri especially in the nearby villages of Albori, Dragonea and Raito, to enjoy the cool summer evenings surrounded by buildings and greenery where time seems to have stopped. 

By Jesse Andrews, August 2005




By Car: 61km (38 miles) SE of Naples, 18km (11 miles) E of Positano, 34km (21 miles) W of Salerno, 272km (169 miles) SE of Rome.  By train:
No trains go to Positano.

Amalfi Coast


A beach club, on the Amalfi Coast, in Campania, Italy

An Amalfi Beach


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