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A view of Sapri
By Jesse Andrews

Sapri from the water
By Jesse Andrews

A beach near Sapri
By Jesse Andrews

Welcome to Sapri
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 6,982 (2003)
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Located in an inlet on the Gulf of Policastro, the little town of Sapri basks in the sunlight as if enjoying itself in its favourable location.

The mild climate found in this (most souhthern) town in the province of Campania, where a clam sea, a long wide and clean sea have combined to make this one of Campania's most saught after bathing resorts during the summer months.

However, for English-speaking tourists, there is not much in the way of things to do here.  It's mostly a sea-side town for relaxing, swimming, strolling along the sea-side promenade and savouring gelatos.  During the winter months, Sapri would be one of those places you would drive through, though wouldn't stop it.

The town doesn't really offer any fascinating historical monuments, nor much apart from the fact that is located in a geographically picturesque area.

The best options for visiting Sapri, would be to stay in Maratea or Praia a Mare and visit the town on a day trip by boat.

This town, would also be a good destination for cyclists travelling through th Cilento Coast, down from Salerno, though as a cultural/historical/resort-destination, Sapri offers nothing more to tourists than a pretty view and perhaps a great seafood restaurant.

There is a big fishing trade in Sapri and there are a number of good restuarants, located on the highway, on the way to Polinuro.  Many of these restaurants are unfortunately closed during the winter months.

by Jesse Andrews, October 6th, 2005




By Car.  There are two routes to get to Sapr. 

The first:
Take the A3 Naples-Reggio Calabria Highway from either North or South. Exit at Lago Negro and follow the signs for Maratea, Sapri and Praia a Mare.  At Trecchina, there is a sign indicating the turn off for Sapri.  Take this turn off and follow the signs closely until Sapri. 

The second route by car, if you are coming from Maratea is to follow the signs along the coastal highway from Maratea.  You will be sure to get here, if you keep on the coastal route to the north. By Plane: Naples is the closest Airport.  By Boat: The Port at Sapri 


There are no hotels in Sapri.  Stay in Maratea or Praia a Mare.  Day trips are the best way to visit this spectacular town.

Festival time at Sapri
By Jesse Andrews



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