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Camerota Marina

Cave at Cliento near Camerota

Camerota Paesi


Welcome to Camerota and the Marina di Camerota
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 6,583 (2003)
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Marina di Camerota is 6.5 kilometres from Palinuro, and is arranged in a semi-circle around the bay which it occupies. The town, is just barely visible (on the peninsula which creates the Gulf of Polycastro, from the provinces of Basilicata and Calabria). 

The scholar Cirelli holds that the name Camerota derives from the Greek "KamarotÚn" alluding to the fact that in the region there are numerous grottoes (caves).  In all likelihood the village was founded by the Greeks in the 8th or 7th century B.C. from 868 to 915.

Camerota was occupied by the Saracens and in 909 its castle became the second more important Saracen stronghold in the Cliento (along with Agropoli).  The castle had stables, decorated halls, an internal chapel, secret passages, torture rooms, a dungeon, a drawbridge and a tower (some 30 meters high).  In 1552, Camerota was first sacked and then burnt down by the Turks of the Rais Dagut

The village of "Camerota" itself, on the Cape of Polinuro, resides above the Port.  The surroundings of the picturesque village are domintated by dense groves of centuryold olive trees, with silvery green foliage, providing an enchatning backdrop for the town and it's marina. 

Some would go as far to say, that Camerota is the least-well known place in all of Italy, and perhaps the most beautiful.  The villagers here claim, that they haven't seen any foreigners for over 50 years and none of them understand why!

The harbour is certianly the most important public work of Camerota, and provides the foundation for the village's econoy all year round, where hundreds of tonnes of fish are unloaded every year to supply the local inhabitants and those of the nearby areas.

The Marina di Camerota fishing fleet is justly considered one of the most well-known, the main catches being tuna, swordfish and anchovies. 

Perhaps more fascinating than the fishing trade however, is the large cermaic production, in this seemingly isolated village on the cape of Polinuro.   The ceramic trade here, began in the 19th century: the manufacture of clay products by bay artisans who make vases and containers of all shapes and sizes, particularly the so-called momole, famous porous jugs whose principal purposes is to keep water cool.

Production of earhenware jugs and dishes is both highly developed and very profitable.  A craft which no longer esists is theat of making esparto grass ropes, woven with long strands of grass, and used until recent times in the cultivation of mussels.

by Jesse Andrews, October 6th, 2005




Getting to Camerota by car or train is impossible.  The only way to get here is by ferry or personal cruise ship.  Ferries board daily from Maratea!  Check with VisitsItaly for more information about getting to the Marina of Camerota!  You won't ever forget this!


Camerota Coast

There are no hotels in Camerota.  Stay in Maratea or Praia a Mare.  Day trips are the best way to visit this spectacular town.



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