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The town of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, by Dario Aubin

Welcome to Atrani
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 5,589

Map:  Atrani
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Atrani is the smallest, autonomously run village in the south of Italy as well as as one of the most interesting and beautiful.   The houses in this small coastal village, one on top of another, are completely surrounded by overhanging cliffs, with the outlet of the small Valle del Dragone opening onto the sea like an upside down funnel.

In order to admire the town, there is a small turn-off along the coastal road before the tunnel which leads to nearby Amalfi.  Upon parking the car, walk under the large arch which is the gateway to the village, where there is an utterly breathtaking view over the town. 

The small Piazza Umberto 1 does not take a back seat in any way to the more famous Piazzetta in Capri. Taking a 360 look around, it seems like a theatrical stage with archways and small alleys, steps, small windows and doorways all looking onto the small square.  The bell-tower and clock of the church of San Salvatore de Birecto complete the scene of a place which seems to have been purposely created.

The lords of the Amalfitan Republic were crowned and buried in this church, which was built before 1000 AD.  During this same period Atrani was chosen by the more noble Amalfitan families as their residence. In addition to the elite, Atrani has been the home of to some of the world's most well-known writers and philosophers who were enchanted by this irresistible medieval fishing village. 

While the church and bell-tower of the convent of Santa Maria Maddalena, dating back to 1274, make the skyline of Atrani unmistakeable both from sea and land.  The convent has been restored in a Baroque style with a beautiful Majolica dome. 

The mother of Masaniello, the leader of the Neapolitan revolution against the Spanish in 1674 was originally from Atrani.  There is a cave on the slopes of the surrounding Mt. Aureo, called the "Grotta de Santi (Cave of Saints), where Masaniello, the Spanish leader took refuge after the Neopolatin  revolution.  Near the grotto, there are the ruins of the old Benedictine monastery of San Quirico and Santa Giuditta dating to 986 AB with several Byzantine frescos.

Atrani has many different appealing aspects due to the Medieval architecture, with narrow alleys and steep stairways which create a small, winding labyrinth.  Atrani also offers something that few towns on the Amalfi coast do; a cosmopolitan atmosphere, with the small square being the centre hot, hot summer evenings, the night-lights transform it into a life-size nativity scene.  Among this incredible scene and the sea, there is a beautiful beach which completes the pleasure of staying in this magical place.

About 140 meters of rocky ridge separates the beach of Castliglione from this one in Atrani. It is just over 130 meters long, with the mouth of the river Dragone running in the middle of it.  The river runs dry during the hottest months of the summer.

This beach, in the smallest autonomously run village in Italy, is very popular during the summer months, given that the nearby fishing village is one of the most suggestive settings along the entire Amalfi Coast.  The beautiful houses in the background of this magnificently pristine beach, create an atmosphere close to Paradise.


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Atrani Town, The Amalfi Coast, by
 Jesse Andrews