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The town of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, by Dario Aubin
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A view from the Amalfi Coast

Welcome to Amalfi
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 5,589
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Originally, Amalfi was a Roman town, but achieved its independence as the Republic of Amalfi through the 7th to 11th Centuries.  By the end of the republic, it rivalled Pisa, Genoa and Venice as one of the great maritime powers in the Mediterranean. At one time it had a population of about 70,000 inhabitants.  Ultimately, through wars with the Saracens and a devastating flood in the 14th Century, Amalfi weakened.

Today, the town of Amalfi with about 8000 citizens, located on the slopes of the Lattari Hills overlooking the Bay of Salerno, is  quiet most of the year, which bursts into activities with the arrival of thousands of summer tourists.  The town featues numerous hotels and pensiones, the best of which tend to be on the periphery of the town center.  Temperatures, as a rule are more temperate than other places further south or inland.

But, you needn't spend all your time indolently (unless you want to). Travelers who have a taste for architecture will enjoy the Duomo at the center of the town, which was built during the 6th Century to honour the St. Andrew the Apostle, whose remains are in a crypt within.  Take particular note of the Duomo's Oriental style.  The bronze doors were the first in Italy, made from bronze brought back from Constantinople by a local nobleman, Pantaleone di Mauro Comite.

Beside the Duomo, you may collect yourself in the shade of the Cloister of Paradise, which was done in the Arabian style.

If you enjoy museums and art galleries, Amalfi will not disappoint.  Take time to visit to the Ancient Armories of the Amalfi Republic to see artifacts that witness the republic's glory as a maritime power.  Interested in art?   Then, take time to visit the Salone Morelli where 14 of Morelli's paintings are on view (some of which are copied as mosaics on the walls of the Duomo).

If you happen to be in Amalfi on a Wednesday, there's a fantastic open air market you should wander around and through.  It's at the upper end of the Via delle Cartiere - named for about 20 textile mills that used to operate on or near the street.

Last words: you can eat, drink and be merry in Amalfi, a place of many good restaurants and cheery cafes.  You can take in lungs full of culture and art, and, when your body and mind need rest, you can lounge on the beaches where you will find some publicly accessible waterfron and quite a few Lidi - or private beach clubs where your wants will be tended to.

Paradise?  Close enough!

By Jesse Andrews, August 2005




By Car: 61km (38 miles) SE of Naples, 18km (11 miles) E of Positano, 34km (21 miles) W of Salerno, 272km (169 miles) SE of Rome.  By train:
No trains go to Positano.

Amalfi Coast


A beach club, on the Amalfi Coast, in Campania, Italy

An Amalfi Beach


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