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View of Scilla
by Jesse Andrews

The castle ruin at Scilla
by Jesse Andrews

Duomo at Scilla
by Jesse Andrews

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Welcome to Scilla
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 5,163 (2003)
Official site:

"According to Homer's Odyssey, ancient Scilla (Scylla) was where one of the two monsters resided, dreaded by passing sailors.  According to Fodors, the other was Charybdis, modern-day Cariddi, on the Mesina side of the Straits.. 

Today, nothing in Scilla looks remotely threatening, espcecially in summer, when the broad sandy beach is the focus for sunning and swimming day by day, and carousing by night. 

At the northern end of the bay, a castle resides loftily on a rocky spur - a grand vantage point for watching the tall masted feluche swordfish boats patrolling the Straits and gazing at the marina below or the island of sicily directly across the bay.

The numerous restaurants and cafès along Scilla's lungo mare and lidos make the town a perfect spot for lunch on your way to or from Sicily.


Region of Calabria

The Cedri Riviera






La Sirenetta Fountain, Scilla
by Jesse Andrews

La Sirenetta,  the fountain consisting of a sculpted mermaid across from the church.  It is supposedly more than 250 years old and though it doesn't spurt water anymore, the craftsmanship is still very interesting.




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