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The old city of Scalea
by Jesse Andrews

Beach at Scalea
by Jesse Andrews

Stairs to the centro storico at Scalea
by Jesse Andrews


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Welcome to Scalea
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 10,040 (2003)
Official website:

Scalea has played an important role in Italy's history as both the stomping grounds of Latin philosophers and as a Byzantine port, where merchants from around the world came to trade their goods.

Today, Scalea offers visitors a journey through time to that of the Byzantinian empire and to Magna Graecia

The area in effect is a treasure trove of historical monuments from the Byzantine castle located at the height of Scalea's historical centre, to the "Talao" guarding post built by Turks on the sea.  All of the historical monuments and museums in Scalea are free of charge and travelers can explore them at leisure. 

In addition to numerous monuments, make sure to ask about the whereabouts of the Byzantine mosaics, which visitors may have trouble locating by themselves.  Few travellers to Italy have ever seen the likes of these mosaics, but for those who have been privledged to see them leave with their mouths agape. 

In addition to the fascinating historical monuments and architecture, Scalea also offers visitors hundreds of acres of deserted beaches kissed by aqua marine waters, grottos, mountains, a hot climate and a proud and hospitable culture with an outstanding cuisine consisting of a variety of Calabrese seafood, pasta and meat dishes. 

Inland jaunts from Scalea to the surrounding mountain towns like Verbicaro and Orsomarso, will leave many people with the sense that they're not just visiting history - their living it.


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Byzantine tower ruin, at Scalea
by Jesse Andrews