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The old town, Sangineto
by Jesse Andrews

Castella Agioino, Sangineto
by Jesse Andrews

Promenade in Sangineto
by Jesse Andrews

Arch at the Hotel della Stelle, Sangineto



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Welcome to Sangineto
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 1,407 (2003)
Official site:

Sangineto is divided into 2 very different sections: The Sangineto Lido and the historical centre.  The marina or "Lido", where many of the hotels reside, is a short drive down from the highway which is home to Il Castello del Principe - or Castel of Princes, constructed by Prince Sanservino di Bisignano, in the 1400's, to protect the strategic position which Sangineto occupied along the coast. 

The castle is located overlooking the sea at Sangineto's Marina, where most of the hotels in the town are located.  The long expanse of beach,  which the castle overlooks the ever-changing waters of the Mediterranean, is picturesque.  Entering the marina area, lush foliage spill over the walls of antique villas.  To call the town pretty, would be an understatment. 

Today, at the foot of the castle a  music hall/night club has been built  offering summer visitors drinks and appetizers in a romantic setting, welll into the night, particularly during the summer months, where what seems like the whole of the North of Italy comes to vacation. 

Meanwhile, as the hustle and bustle of Sangineto in the marina attracts mainly Italian tourists during the summer months, tucked away at the height of an expansive valley a few miles from the sea, the ancient town of Sangineto sits quietly, almost secretively away from modernity in a large valley, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, like a kingdom unto itself.

The drive from the marina to the heights of the town is a picturesque journey unto itself and visitors who enjoy walking would be well-advised to walk it, as the scenery deserves to be appreciated with ample time. 

The village at the height of the valley, is interesting to explore and if you are driving, here is where you should exit your car and get out and walk around.  The many medieval alleyways, don't allow for cars anyway. 

Walking through them, is the best way to appreciate the visible history which goes back to pre-greek tribal groups who occupied the area, knows as the Enotrians. The succession of empires which have occpied since then, are visibl in the walls and door frames of the houses. 

The town of Sangineto was well-populated well into the 1900's until many from the small town, due to economic hardship throuhgout Southern Italy,  left to North America or Australia in hopes of better employment opportunities. However, the one-time  opulance, the town once enjoyed, is still evident and can be traced back through history from the arrival of the Greeks to the Turks, Spanish and French.

The principle church of the town, Santa Maria delle Neve, offers an interesting interior, with a beautiful Madonna.  However, be forewarned that the church is not open all the time.  Rather, you can only get access to it, from 4:00-5:00PM, so if you are interested in seeing it, be sure to come during those hours

From San Gineto, additional walks to be had, which offer picturesque panoramas of the village, include taking the road, which breaks just before entrance to the town, up to Bonifati.  Travelling along this road, beautiful expanses of the valley below come into view and wonderful photo opportunities of the valley meeting the saphire sea are all too possible.


Region of Calabria

The Cedri Riviera



Hotel Delle Stelle


Il Convito
A traditional Calabrian Restaurant that offers visitors home-made pasta, excellent antipasta and mouth watering fish and meat dishes.  Even if you're not staying in Sangineto, on your run down the SS18, its a good idea to stop here.

View of Sangineto
by Jesse Andrews



By Car:
Take highway A3 Salerno/Reggio Calabria exit at Lagonegro nord or Lauria then SS 585 Fondo Valle del Noce which will hook you on to the SS18, which runs parallel to the Mediterranean.  Following the SS18 past Diamante and Belvedere, you arrive at Sangineto.

By train:
Roma Napoli Reggio Calabria railway line, stop at the Belvedere railway station, which is the closest station.

By airplane:
Lamezia Terme Airport (CZ) Km 130; Napoli Capodichino Airport (NA) Km 210.

By boat
: Cetraro or Diamante harbour are the closest harbours to Sangineto(PZ)


Santa Maria della Neve, Sangineto
by Jesse Andrews

Santa Maria della Neve (1200 AD).  Though the church has a new face, the door and interior of the church have remained the same.


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