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Heavy skies over San Lucido

The monastery at San Lucido

View of San Lucido, Calabria


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This is San Lucido
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 5,589 (2003)
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San Lucido
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San Lucido sits on a rocky out-cropping jutting into the wilds of the Tyrrhenian sea, whose waves break at the village's feet (52 meters above the sea) as they have done for centuries. 

On clear days, at the head of the town, clear views of the Eolian Islands are visible and from this standpoint it is easy to envision what the inhabitants of San Lucido must have witnessed over centuries as Greek, Roman, Byzantine, French, Spanish, Arabic and Turkish empires competed for control of the "toe" of the Italian peninsula.

Needless to say, San Lucido's history is expansive and it pre-dates the Romans and even the Greeks.  Archeological findings have revealed that San Lucido was inhabited by the "Bruti", a native tribe who battled the Greeks and then joined them in fighting to keep out the Romans.  Evidence of vases, coins, and common household utilities have all been found in and around San Lucido from each of the succeeding empires.

The name "San Lucido" itself, takes from a monk who inhabitted the town's monastery.  The literal meaning of "Lucido" is "lucid" and important religious monments are an important part of the cultural landscape throughout the town.

One of the most impressive churches is the Sant'Annunziata, whose architecture is typically Romanesque-Gothic, with some interior consists frescoes doen in the Byzantine era. 

The church of  San Giovanni, which sits ext to San Lucido's dominating castle is another.   Here, an alter from 1789 reveals wood-work carvings which predate 1600. 

The Festas at San Lucido, that you won't want to miss:

Madonna del Rosario:
The event is held on the 7th of October of every year.  The festival is held in the honor of the Madonna of Rosario.  Here, visitors will witness local folk artists play their traditional music as the mass proceeds from the church. 

Santa Maria di Monte Persano
The event is held on the 2nd of  September of every year, to celebrate the end of summer.  It is both a religious and civil festival, where flags line the streets and people from around Calabria come to sell their wares.  The festivities continue well into the night. 

San Leonardo
The events for the san Leonardo festival take place from the 5th to 11th of November.  The festivities are of a religious nature, in honour of San Leonardo. A large part of the festivities take place on the "Lungo Mare" or seawll, where a large market is set up.

San Giovanni Battista
This event is held from the 23rd to the 24th of June.  This is one of San Lucido's biggest festivals, and is both relgious and secular in nature.  The festival is in honour of the patron saint, Battista, but apart from the religious rites which take place, there is a large jazz festival and plays which take place in the centre of town.  At night, large displays of fireworks are visible. 

Region of Calabria

Church door, San Lucido