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The old city, Rossano
by Jesse Andrews

The Duomo at Rossano
by Jesse Andrews

Duomo interior, Rossano
by Jesse Andrews

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Welcome to Rossano
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 34,906 (2003)
Official site:

Rossano (population 35,000) lies 6KM inland from the highway.  The little town offers visitors more than 50 churches to explore dating to the Byzantine era.  The town is also the birthplace of St. Nilus (910-1001), founder of the convents of Grotaferrata, near Rome and Patire. 

The main cathedral, which the town is nationally famous for, has a Baroque altar, attached to a pillar on the north side of the nave, which encloses a Byazantine Madonna of the 8C or 9C; and a wooden celing. 

In the archbishop's palace is the Museo Diocesano (open daily 09:00-13:00) in which you can see the celebrated
Codex Purpureus Rossanensis, an extremely rare work of the 6C.  The Codex is one of the oldest illustrated manuscripts in the world, featuring 15 miniature pages which are among the earliest - and best - examples of early Byzantine art.

Bring walking shoes and prepare for blistering heat in the summer, particularly in late July and August.  Your walk can include any or all of the fifty or so churches scattered throughout the City (there is a guide at the information office located near to the town's main cathedral).  If you need refreshment, or a meal along the way, there are numerous bars, cafés and restaurants throughout the town, but most close during siesta hours (1:00PM until 4:00 PM). 

Region of Calabria



Rossano lies 6KM from the coastal highway.  Getting here is tricky, because in order to get to the village, visitors will have to navigate the marina of Rossano which is a fairly busy city.  Follow the sign postings carefully in the marina in the direction of "Centro Storico" and  numerous signs indicating "Chiese Byzantine". 



Centro Storico, Rossano
by Jesse Andrews





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