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A terrace view at Nicotera
by Jesse Andrews

Villa at Nicotera
by Jesse Andrews

Looking down on The Cedri Riviera from Nicotera
by Jesse Andrews


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This is Nicotera
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 6,767 (2003)
Official site: n/a
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The origins of Nicotera date back to the decadence of an ancient Greek city called Medama, when the inhabitants left this place in order to escape from Saracen raids and chose a higher and healthier site, on a hill. 

Although the city has been damaged by continual earthquakes and its inhabitants have been victim to numerous natural catastrophe, the old city, situated startegically on a large mountain overlooking the entire coast is well-preserved, elegant and architecturally beautiful.  With numerous architectural influences combining throughout the town's centre, those with an eye for both history and craftsmanship, will not be disappointed. 

The beach in front of the town consists of white sand, numerous lidos and numerous cafès and bars. 

In the old part of the town built higher up, the archeological museum and museum of contemporary art are well-worth the time, even if many of the descriptions are written exclusively in Italian.

Region of Calabria

The Cedri Riviera



By Car:  Take the Autostrada A3 and exit at Nicotera.
By train:  Taking the train to Tropea and then renting a car, may be the best way to experience Nicotera. By air: Lamezia Termine, Nicotera lies about 80 KM - 45 min. south.  By boat: Marina at Tropea




In the garden of St. Peter, Nicotera
by Jesse Andrews

The Garden of St. Peter just outside the main church, holds a spectacular view of the coast below.


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