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Toward the beach, Cariati
by Jesse Andrews

View down a street, Cariati
by Jesse Andrews

Festival time, Cariati
by Jesse Andrews


Welcome to Cariati
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 8,294
Official Website:

Cariati, like most towns along the Ionian coast, is a resort centre for northern Italians during the summer months.  The marina offers a 6 mile sea-wall, dotted by cafés, bars and shops.  The rest of the marina part of the town however, is relatively uninteresting and disorganized.  However, don't let this first impression of the town deter you. 

The old town of Cariati is well worth a visitor's time and offers stunning views of the entire coastal area in front and olive groves at its back. 

In the old town, you can make a circuit of the old city walls and bastions, into which houses have been built, and duck into the numerous churches within the walls for a few moments of cool solace. 

The cathedral, whose tiled cupola can be seen from the marina, has an impressive interior and contains 18 century choir stalls by Girolamo Franceschi

The cemetery church (just outside the town) is a bare and pleasing late Gothic building with a well proportioned ribbed dome, completely vested inside with patterned tiles of Moorish inspiration.

Numerous "festas" celebrations take place within the old town's walls during the summer months, and tourists arrive in droves to take part.

For a more quiet time to visit the area, spring and fall are best, however for those interested in taking part in beautiful - and emotional - traditional festivities, July and August are without question the best time to visit.  Beware - it is very hot in July and particularly August.  Keep yourself hydrated, and take advantage of cool resting places.

Region of Calabria



Follow the A3  highway that runs up the entire Ionian coast.

Trains stop hourly in this town and a large marina allows easy access by boat.




Duomo at Cariati
by Jesse Andrews




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