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Greek pillar, Capo Calonna, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

Capo Calonna, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

Church, Capo Calonna, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

Welcome to Capo Collona

From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Images of a single remainning Ioanian column at Capo Collona are pervasive in tourist literature for the region, and hence, it is a place that many people might be tempted to visit.  Take care if you are tempted, lest you feel disappointed, after a long journey.

For tourists who are looking for beaches, busy town centers, and the usual array of restaurants and cafes, the place will feel bereft.

In a word or two: Capo Collona is starkly beautiful, and will appeal to those who can conjure the past.  There is a palpable  sense of the site's 3000 years of history, dating back to ancient Greek times.  Visitors are free to roam the grounds and take a  close look at the archaelogical excavations which are taking place.

The area is a vast archeological site, national park and wild life preserve, facing into the Ionian sea on the brow of a sharp promonotory with dry headlands behind.

Be forewarned, however, access to the forementioned Ionian column is not allowed unless special permission is granted.  Also, there is not very much information in English and wild dogs prowl the neighborhood.

Capo Collona is a matter of taste: gorgeous or bleak, depending on your frame of reference.

Region of Calabria



Capo Collona is 11km outside of Crotone.  Follow the coastal road from Crotone or if coming south, follow the highway markings.  From the highway, Capo Collona is 17KM.  Keep a sharp look out for sign postings and visitors should have relatively few problems arriving.  There are no trains or buses that arrive here. 



Norman tower, Capo Calonna, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews


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