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The church  in Bagnara, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

A view of Bagnara, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

A villa  in Bagnara, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

The cemetery at Bagnara, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

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Welcome to Bagnara Calabra
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Population: 11,229 (2003)
Official site:
Bagnara Calabra

Bagnara Calabra, a small town on the coast north of Reggio Calabria, is where the internationally famous clothing designer Gianni Versace was born and raised. The town's inherent elegance, its history and traditions, its natural beauty and ancient man-made treasures were undoubtedly an inspiration for the great fashion designer.  But, so perhaps, was the persistent economic poverty of the area.

For busy people from our cultures, tranquility is something much prized.  For local people it denotes a lack of industry and economic activity.

However, as more tourists and travelers find Bagnara Calabra and spread the word, the town and its people will start to enjoy a much higher standard of living. They will find that the blessings that have been bestowed on them by nature in this gorgeous corner of the world, will yield an abundance that is not there now.

The beaches, cafès and seafood restaurants are reason are reason enough to stop in Bagnara Calabra.  But, while you're there take time to  explore the town's churches, art galleries, museums and castles, which will give you a look into the soul of the place.

Many of the inhabitants speak a dialect of Italian that may be hard to understand, but the town has opened its doors to travelers and the people here will make you feel welcome.

Region of Calabria
The Cedri Riviera

By Car:
Take the SS18 coastal highway almost as far south as the Reggio di Calabira and exit at Bagnara.   By train:
Bagnara staion;

By airplane: Lamezia Terme Airport, approximately 1.5 hours south.
By boat
Marina at Scilla.


Medieval buildings in Bagnara, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

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