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Rooftops of Aieta, Calabria

Aieta, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

Walking near Aieta, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

Welcome to Aieta
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

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Aieta is an historic Calabrian
hill town dominated by an imposing Renaissance mansion, which has recently been converted into an art gallery and museum that showcases some of the most well-known artists in Calabria during the summer months. 

The museum as well as the local shops in Aieta, that showcase the works of local artists and craftsmen, speak to Calabria's history and the various cultures which have dominated the area through time.

For visitors interested in local craftsmenship, some may want to purchase some of the fabulous embroidery for which Aieta is justly renowned for. It's worth the trip in and of itself to Aieta, just to view some of these specacular goods.

In addition to these wears, there are a number of fascinating things to see in Aieta, including the Churches of Saint Maria della Visitazione, San Francesco and Addolorato al Ponte. 

In addition to the churches, there is an archeological site, known as Aieta Vetere, with remains from C. 1000 and several grottos, which have been converted to shrines, that visitors with time to explore, should make a point of  seeing.

Much of the pleasure however, in visiting the town of Aieta is the simple, rustic way of life, visitors are exposed to. Taking a day or a few hours to walk around this historic village, one may very well feel they are not only stepping back in time, they are living it.

Visits Italy is working to give you more information about Aieta in the days to follow, you can expect to read a great deal more about this very interesting place, which sits high in the Calabrian mountains.

Region of Calabria
The Cedri Riviera

By car, Aieta is approximately 25 minutes from the coast, within the Pollino national park where the traveler will find a numerous scenic picnic grounds and camping facilities.


Terrace at Aieta, Calabria
by Jesse Andrews

The word Aieta, comes from the Greek word "Aet˛s",
Eagle and is named as such, as the town sits like an Eagles nest, perched on a hill between two higher mountains  looking down on the lower lying town and
the riverbed below.