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Acquapessa from above
by Jesse Andrews

In the town of Acquapessa
by Jesse Andrews

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Street in  Acquapessa
by Jesse Andrews

Welcome to Acquappesa
From Jesse's Journeys in Italy

Acquappesa or "heavy water" as the town's name would literally be translated is of relatively recent origin in comparison to some of the other surrounding villages, dating only to 1700, historians first believed.

However, like many of the surrounding towns, recent discoveries have proven that the Greeks occupied Acquappesa for centuries before Roman occupation and hundreds of vases and artifacts have recently been discovered in the hills surrounding the small village.

Toursists throughout Italy come to Acquappesa for the Luigiane Termine - a natural spring - thought to have curing properties.  The town of Guardia Piemontese and Acquappesa have been bickering over who the devine water really belongs to, for centuries.  However, they're both so small that visiting one, means visiting both.

In Acquappesa itself however, you'll find distinct, the lovely beaches, a unique culinary tradition and one of the Cedri Riviera's most distinguished coral crafstsmen.

Region of Calabria
The Cedri Riviera

Located between the two bigger towns of Fuscaldo and Cetraro, Acquappesa is just off the coastal A3 highway.  The closest airport is Lamezia Termine.  A port welcomes boats at Cetraro.


Old door,  Acquapessa
by Jesse Andrews

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