View of Lauria
, Basilicata
by Jesse Andrews

Rooftops of Lauria, Basilicata
by Jesse Andrews

Lauria street
, Basilicata
by Jesse Andrews

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Welcome to Lauria
From Jesse's Journey's in Italy

Population: 13,745
Official site:

Lauria is a relatively large Basilicatan mountain village divided into two sections "Inferiore" and "Superior". 

The "Inferiore" section has an interesting chuch built in the late 1800's that may be of interest for visitors as it contains some 17th century religious relics.

There is in addition, a great panorama from the Inferiore part of the village that looks onward to the enormous valley below.

In the "Superiore" section of the village, which is about a 5 minute drive up the mountain from Inferiore, there is a large park with a playground for kids, a larege elegant piazza with cafés and a couple of shops.

Lauria is surprisingly well-populated in comparison to her neighbouring villages which have all been relatively abandoned.  However, the agriculture has sustained the economy of the village and has been the reason that many residents have remained here.

Lauria, because of its size is also home to one of Basilicata's top-level soccer teams and visitors can see a game if they are in the area between the months of September and May.  The games take place in the central stadium at Inferiore.




Directions:  From the exit at LagoNegro, Lauria is about 20 minutes away.  Take the exit and follow the signs accordingly.




Bell tower at Lauria, Basilicata
by Jesse Andrews



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